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AFAQ is Saudi Entity and an authorized Odoo partner , We are recognized for our expertise in implementing this powerful business management platform. We are also proudly recognized by ZATCA as one of the top recommended companies for efficient E-Invoicing implementations, both Phase 1 and 2. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and delivering tangible results for our clients.

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Oil Services

Boost the efficiency of your oilfield operations by reducing costs, improving scheduling, making data-driven decisions, tracking equipment and parts, predicting maintenance, improving efficiency, and increasing oilfield profits.


We provide our services in providing customized and advanced solutions to companies throughout the winter. We are committed to providing integrated consulting services.

Financial And Holding Companies

My service in the field of financial and holding companies aims to provide specialized consultations and innovative solutions to meet the dynamic sector.

Real Estate & Constructions

Comprehensive solutions From planning & development to business scheduling, contract management, cost & quality control, risk management, real estate facilities management, maintenance and operation management of commercial & residential buildings.


restaurant management system managing real-time inventory, reservations, & orders between the hall & the kitchen to provide faster & better service, enhanced efficiency & profits


Complete control and high efficiency over your logistics operations with our integrated solutions. Get a real-time view of route plans, facilitate the picking and packing process, ensure the accuracy of orders, and track stock levels across warehouses.

Gas Stations

AFAQ team has made a unique development in the field of gas stations, starting with monitoring the stock of fuel pumps to the main fuel tanks, and real-time measurement of the actual stock with control over identifying the worker at each pump.

Car Workshop

ADV follow-up, starting from the receiving the car, conducting the initial inspection & determining the service required, such as changing oil, faulty tires, issuing a work order, required spare parts, and specifying the number & labor for the car.


Personalized marketing, loyalty programs, and purchase history tracking ERP provides reports and analytics to optimize sales and profitability Make informed decisions based on real-time insights

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